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#TheLeoDiaries part 3: The Injury (two vet trip stories to follow)

Hello humans.  Apologies for not updating you on my adventures recently.  Last week was not a good week.  On Thursday morning, I was bundled into my box and carted off to the evil place where they stole my bits while I was sleeping.  I should probably start by telling you what happened before that.

A few days before the first vet incident, the nasty black cat attacked me.  He bit my side, but I licked it so much that I managed to stop the bleeding before going inside.  I kept licking it to keep it clean, but in the process I removed a big patch of hair.  Having got rid of the blood, and having stuck lots of fur over it, mummy didn’t see the wound.  I’m a clever little cat for managing to hide it for a few days.  Pulling out so much hair did mean I threw up giant hairballs two days in a row, but I know how much mummy wanted to test her new carpet spot-cleaner.

I’d been rather out of sorts since the bitey incident and I heard the slaves cooing over me and sounding worried.  I liked all the attention.  Mummy kept picking me up and cuddling me, brushing me lots with my lovely new soft brush, and even came and sat next to my bed on the landing when I seemed very poorly.

After it happened, I didn’t want to go out very much and spent a lot of time sleeping, running around like a crazy pusscat, and being very clingy.  I kept sitting near mummy hoping she’d make me better, but she didn’t see the hole even when she picked me up and cuddled me until Wednesday night.  When I did go out (for a quick poop or wee), I kept checking over my shoulder lots.  I’m rather frightened of the black cat.  Even more so now.  Might have to action plan send-cat-to-rubbish-tip sooner than I thought.

I’d been scratching lots and mummy found one of the smaller scratches on my neck a couple of days before the vet day.  She must have thought that was why I was so skittish, as she kept coming and checking it.  I was ever so good.  I put my head to the side so she could see properly and stayed nice and still.  I didn’t even bite her.  Unfortunately, it did mean she didn’t see the bigger, gaping hole on the other side of me under my tummy amongst the black fur.

I finally let mummy examine me properly on Wednesday night.  After darting around like a lunatic, I flopped down in-between mummy and daddy on the sofa.  I let mummy brush my back for ages, but I was reluctant to let her brush my sides and tummy.  After a while, I finally let mummy turn me onto my side and see the wound that the baddy cat did.  I’d very helpfully licked it lots so that the hair was over the top, which meant mummy almost brushed over it and missed it, but she was checking my fur very carefully for the awful little black bitey things so she found the patch after I licked it to show her where it was.

Mummy was pretty horrified.  Lots of calming noises, cuddling and stroking followed.  I liked that.  I wasn’t so keen on mummy cleaning the hole with the wet fluffy thing, but I suppose that wasn’t too bad either.  It was better than when the bad cat hurt my eye and I had to be washed with the stingy yellow water.  I was so very good and didn’t bite or scratch mummy once.  Mummy was panicking and crying lots that night.  I heard her ask daddy if they should take me to the emergency vets, but they decided to take me to the nicer (although still evil) vet in the morning.

I’ll let you all know what happened next tomorrow.  I don’t want this story to be too long, so I’m splitting it into three parts.  I’ll give you a sneak peek though with this photo:-

Until my injury, I had been up to the usual since my last blog-hijack.  Sleeping, eating, playing, sleeping, eating, pooping, sleeping, hiding from the baddy cat, sleeping…  Oh, I did find that mummy’s new chair is excellent for scratching, although mummy seemed to disagree when I put my claw marks in the side of it.  At least everyone knows it’s mine now – just like everything else in the house.  Mummy should be grateful I marked it with my claws instead of a wee.  I’m glad I just scratched it, as I now know just how comfortable it is and I wouldn’t have wanted it to smell like wee.

Until tomorrow my human friends,


Leo xx


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