Happy Valentine’s Day!


Just a very quick post to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s day and to share this gorgeous photo, which made me smile (and possibly squeal/giggle with happiness, ironically quite like a piglet!) when I first saw it yesterday.  I hope those of you who are coupled-up are being spoiled by your partners and those of you who are single are spoiling yourselves!

I’ve had a lovely day so far – Starbies’ iced-hazelnutty-goodness whilst watching the ducks at the lake, followed by a few presents (one of which I am going to have to photograph once I’ve worked out how to use my camera – it’s awesome and, not surprisingly, penguin-related!).  I’ve now lost my boyfriend to the rugby for a few hours, but we don’t usually do much to celebrate on Valentine’s day anyway.

I know a lot of people think Valentine’s day is just an excuse for companies to get us to buy more things, but I personally love the idea of a day that reminds everyone to show they appreciate their other halves – something many people forget to do, especially if they have busy lives.  I don’t quite understand those who object to a day that focuses on love – we all need love in our lives, whether romantic or platonic.

Are you doing anything for Valentine’s day?  Do you like the concept?  Let me know in the comments.

Love and hugs (especially to those who need them today),

April xoxo


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