Finally started…

Welcome to my blog.  I’m April and this will be my little corner of the internet where I try to help raise awareness of some issues that are important to me, along with injecting a bit of fun by sharing my beauty addiction with you.

The blog has been a long time coming, as I’ve been meaning to start it for several years now.  Illness and procrastination have gotten in the way, but not anymore!  I will hopefully be posting regularly now that it is up and running and will update posts with photographs as and when I can, as I need to get my new fancy camera set up and learn how to use it first.

My original plan for my blog was purely beauty-themed, but last year I discovered the atrocities that are being inflicted upon animals so that we can have not only foods, most of which are unhealthy, but cosmetics too.  I was horrified when I found that many of the beauty products I love contain parts of dead animals and bugs.

I’ve been vegetarian since I was 11, but had absolutely no idea of the suffering animals were experiencing for dairy and honey, nor did I know what was in the beauty products I was using.  I’ll be trying to help others who don’t want animals to be harmed for their convenience to avoid contributing to their suffering.

I became vegan in May last year after my awesome little sister badgering me about bees being exploited.  I thought she was crazy until I did some research.  More about that later down the line, as, despite my chattiness, I’m doing my best to keep this welcome post short!

Thanks for reading my little introduction and enjoy my blog!

April xx


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