Hi.  I’m April.

This blog is my place to share with you some issues that are important to me and some things I love, including animal-rights, mental health and cruelty-free beauty products (which, to me, means vegan, not just not tested on animals).

I live in the UK with my boyfriend and a pussycat called Leo who is a bit on the “special” side (read: runs into walls).  I love animals and am now vegan after being vegetarian since childhood.  I have a pretty serious beauty product addiction and am slightly obsessed with penguins (all the rooms in my house are NOT full of them and I do NOT have a huge penguin toy living in my bed).  My hobbies are probably grandma-like despite me being in my early 30s, as I love gardening and find knitting relaxing, although I do also like to play kids’ games and my boyfriend is seriously concerned that I’m slowly regressing.

I suffer from fairly severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which I developed due to some serious issues at work.  I really hope this blog will help to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and raise awareness of the horrific impact work-related stress can have.

I became vegan last year after finding out some of the awful ways in which animals suffer for us.  This blog is my attempt to help ensure others are aware of the cruelty that goes into the products they buy, as I imagine very few people realise what’s in their food and cosmetics or the suffering caused for their production.

My primary aim in creating this blog is to help people and animals, even if I can only make a tiny difference, by helping others who want to live without causing harm to living things too.  I’m nowhere near perfect, but life is a balancing act between making yourself happy and making the world around us a better place.  Probably a little naively, I really hope that one day everyone in the world will be able to live and let live.

April xx

PS.  I write how I talk (a lot) so if you don’t like long blog posts, you might want to leave now!

Disclaimer: All information on this site is based solely on my own opinions and research.  I am not an expert in any of the fields I am writing about – they are simply things in which I am interested.  The purpose of the site is to help people think about the topics I am raising and make their own choices accordingly.  You should do your own research and/or seek professional advice before following any advice contained herein.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. All the best with your blog, you’re coming from such a wonderful place and I really do hope your words find a lot of people. I can’t knit at all, but I do love to crochet – I’m aiming to pretty much crochet around everything we own just to make the place that bit brighter! See you around! (BFF Vegan) xx

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    1. Thankyou! 🙂 I’m not good at knitting – only know the basics, but find it quite relaxing when watching TV. The most complicated thing I’ve made is only a simple tea-cosy! Hope you have an awesome weekend too. xx

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