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Urgent Update to 7 Tips for New Vegans post (re Sainsbury’s)

Apologies to anyone who has already read this post and may have followed my recommendation of shopping at Sainsbury’s.  I have made the following amendment to the post to address issues brought to my attention via Twitter earlier today:-

“2.  Shop somewhere that is good at labelling their vegan products

*Edit 18/02/2016 Sainsbury’s appears to think chicken stock is a vegetarian “grey area” and provided deceptive responses when questioned about it via Twitter (see conversation here).  I am therefore no longer comfortable recommending them.  Unfortunately, this means there are no longer any mainstream UK supermarkets I would recommend for easy vegan shopping.  The vegan symbol from The Vegan Society  is a good mark to look for, but an item not having it does not necessarily mean it is not vegan.

Sainsbury’s is excellent for this in the UK (far better than any other supermarkets imho) and perhaps somewhere like Trader Joe’s or Wholefoods would be good options in the US.  If you have to shop elsewhere, use your phone to look up ingredients that you’re unsure about and try not to worry if you don’t have time to look up every single thing – the longer you’re vegan, the more vegan items you’ll find that you can repurchase and the easier you’ll find label-checking.”


7 thoughts on “Urgent Update to 7 Tips for New Vegans post (re Sainsbury’s)

    1. Thankyou so much for including me! I’ll do the award questions sometime this week. Had no idea you’d written about vegan cats – looked up your post after you mentioned it in this one. So weird that I wrote about Leo’s veganism so soon after your post without having seen it first! I’ll be posting an update about his diet sometime this week, as he had tests at the vet last week. Completely respect the fact your opinion on the topic is the opposite of mine, but hope you realise I want what’s best for Leo – just like you obviously want what’s best for your cat too. 🙂 xx

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      1. Of course, just reading Leo’s posts you can tell how much you love him and how you have his best interests at heart. You’ve done it sensibly-have kept an eye his health and accepted that you may have had to put him back onto meat if it wasn’t doing him any good-your a prime example of the kind of attitude you need if you are going to put your cat on a vegan diet and if it’s working for him then that’s great. My problem is when people turn their cats vegan and don’t take in to consideration nutrient requirements, are unaware of the possible problems or ignore them ,you have done the complete opposite and I admire you for that :). I’ve read so many horror stories about vegan cats and that’s why I personally wouldn’t have Sharma on a vegan diet but I’d be really interested to see Leo’s diet , is he a hunter cat? Sharma is a house cat but she’s always trying to hunt something. Spiders have a very short life span in my home with her :(. I ask because it would be interesting to know if a cats natural hunting abilities have something to do with a cat’s response to a no meat diet. I enjoyed reading your vegan cat post because it’s always interesting to get a different perspective on topics such as this. x

        Looking forward to reading your answers to the liebster award questions too x

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      2. So glad how much I love Leo comes across in his posts! It’s actually quite worrying that I care so much that it’s almost like having a baby – I couldn’t sleep when he was ill! He is a hunter cat. He catches mice and birds when he’s out, although he usually just seems to play with them – I’ve only ever seen him eat a mouse once and I was horrified. No idea whether he killed it (probably did) or found it already dead. He brought a rabbit home once. Pretty sure he won’t have killed it as it was huge and didn’t have blood on it that we could see, but obviously no way of knowing if he did. I was upset, but quite proud that he managed to jump the back fence with something nearly half his size in his mouth! Made my bf dig a giant hole to bury it in so Leo couldn’t dig it back up as it would have felt wrong putting the rabbit in the bin. He brought me a dead spider when he was a tiny kitten (dangling by one leg and with several of its other legs missing). I wasn’t impressed but couldn’t get angry with him as he was so pleased with himself. That was when I found out cats hunt and bring home “presents” – had no idea they did until then! I completely agree that turning a cat vegan purely to satisfy your own ethical beliefs without considering their health is irresponsible. 🙂 xx

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      3. Leo’s a proper little hunter isn’t he. It’s hard because you can’t get mad when they bring them as presents. My mum’s cat is the complete opposite she’s scared of spiders and just watches the birds. I know what you mean I’ve literally made myself physically ill when Sharma had a sore nail. It’s hard being a cat mum sometimes haha x

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    2. When I say “this one” I mean your post for the award – hadn’t realised this comment had gone on my blog post – forgot that’s where this message was! xx


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